What are "post types"?

Post types are a way for WordPress to separate different kinds of content.

WordPress stores all blog posts, pages, media files and so on in the same database. This gives us a way to only check for duplicates among specific types of "posts". 

Here are some of the most common types, your WordPress website might differ and have more types, it all depends on which plugins you have installed and how your website is configured.

  • post - Blogposts, this is a default type in WordPress.
  • page - Pages, usually meant for more static content, also a default post type in WordPress.
  • attachment - Media files and other uploads stored in WordPress - also a default post type.
  • product - If you use WooCommerce or similar e-commerce shopping plugin.

So if you want to only look for duplicates among your blog posts, make sure to only check the "post" option. You can choose as many post types as you wish.

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