404 Errors

404 Errors are when content or links on your website are not found, and a 404 error is returned.

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How to turn on 404 error monitoring

404 Errors are not enabled per default in SEO Booster; it is an optional feature you need to activate manually.

To turn on 404 error detection, go to SEO Booster -> Settings and activate the setting.

SEO Booster will now monitor 404 Errors, and you can see the list under SEO Booster -> 404 Errors

404 Errors page

On the 404 Errors page, you can see all 404 errors in a list with some visitors detected.

You can mark individual errors and delete them with clicking the "Bulk Actions" drop down, select "Delete" and click the "Apply" button.

You can also reset all 404 errors by clicking the "Reset" button.

Note - any and all errors you delete will show up again next time someone visits that error page.

Use the list for prioritizing the most relevant pages to redirect or leave alone.

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