The Settings Page


You can enable/disable the email sending if you want to configure the plugin later or want to turn it off temporarily.

Email subject

The subject line is where you can edit the subject line and you can use several different macros to customize your emails.

The list of macros currently available:

{customer_name}, {customer_firstname}, {customer_lastname}, {customer_email}, {site_title}, {order_id}, {order_date}, {days_ago}, {today_date}, {order_date_completed}, {stop_emails_link}

You can use to create subject lines such as 

 {customer_name}, have you seen these?

 Which would turn in to 

 John Smith, have you seen these?

Email heading

The headline is the text that shows up inside the default WooCommerce email:

You can also use the same macros to customize the headline.

Day(s) after order

Here you can configure how many days after a sale has been completed the customer should get an email with product suggestions.

The default is 7,14,21 and 30 days after order is completed. Please note the emails are scheduled once the order is set to "Completed". You can change this in the settings page if you need it to be any other status in a custom setup.

Exclude products

You can exclude products by product id. Separate multiple products with a comma.

Button settings

The settings Background Color, Button Text Color, and Text on button relate to the buttons next to the products in the email.

Note - The products and button are placed where the {products} shortcode is used, either in the template or in the edit content field if you are using the pro version.

Append to link

This allows you to add any additional parameters to the buttons, so you could track conversions from the emails via Google Analytics.

Email Unsubscribe Options

WooCommerce Cross Seller comes with unsubscribe functionality built in. You do not want to annoy your customers, so we make it easy to unsubscribe.

You can use the {stop_emails_link} to place the unsubscribe link.

The link is automatically generated and points to either the front page of your website or to a custom URL of your choice. 

Email Blocklist

This is where the people who do not wish to receive emails are listed. You can add or remove manually. Each email should be separated with a comma.

Debug Log

Any important event is logged by default. If you enable debug logging you will get even more details which can help you debug errors.

Scheduled Emails

A list of the emails scheduled to be sent.

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